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Click here to visit Yale University Vascular Malformation Center a center without walls, dedicated to the care and management of patients with vascular malformations.

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Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus
Uterine Fibroid Embolization
Varicose Veins
Varicocele Information

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Interventional Radiology is an innovative branch of medicine in which physicians treat diseases non-operatively through small catheters guided to the target by fluoroscopic and other imaging modalities. Many of these minimally invasive procedures have replaced traditional surgery.

The Section of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Yale offers a comprehensive program of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to treat a variety of disorders. These disorders include: peripheral vascular disease, biliary disease, renovascular disease, benign and malignant tumors, and pleural effusions.

As a nationally recognized Center of Excellence for Embolization, we offer this alternative treatment for uterine fibroids. Our practice can perform a full diagnostic evaluation for this problem. We can help determine if uterine artery embolization is a treatment option.

Yale University - Interventional Radiology

Section of Vascular & Interventional Radiology - Yale University School of Medicine
333 Cedar Street
P.O. Box 208042
New Haven, CT 06510-3206
tel: 203-785-7026
fax: 203-737-1077
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Preferred Mailing Address
20 York Street
Room 2-323
New Haven, CT 06510
tel: 203-785-7026
fax: 203-737-1077
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Our varicose vein program offers a variety of non-invasive, non-disfiguring treatments for symptomatic superficial venous insufficiency (varicose veins). We offer state-of-the-art techniques not available in many other institutions.

Our practice performs a wide variety of endovascular therapies. These therapies include treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms with stent grafts, and minimally invasive techniques to open up arterial blockages in extremities and the kidneys.

The Vascular Malformation Clinical and Research Group is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary team dedicated to treating and understanding vascular malformations of the brain, nose, lung, GI tract, and extremities that may occur spontaneously or as part of rare genetic syndromes like Osler-Weber-Rendu (Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia).

The Section of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Yale Physicians

Standing left to right:
Robert I. White, Jr., M.D., Jeffrey Pollak, M.D.,
John E.Aruny, M.D., Neil Denbow, M.D., Michael G. Tal, M.D.

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